New Office

New Office

We are super excited that we moved into a New Office at Little Wings Entertainment recently! Lots of space for team meetings. There is even a room dedicated to training like fine-tuning our face painting skills.!

We had our office opening the other week which was super fun and we cut the ribbon to the entrance, danced and ate pizza of course!

The office is not a shop-front or a party venue. Just a little space to meet with our team, store our costumes and for me to chat to customers for party consultations.

Little Wings Entertainment office is located in Dingley Village- Melbourne. So if you were hoping to have a face-to-face chat with someone about your kid’s party, get in touch- it’s free! Doesn’t even have to be entertainment related, it can be decoration advice, cake advice etc.

I love to share knowledge and just have a coffee and chat!

Fairy University!

This year I decided to take our training process for our entertainers to the next level. I developed what is now known as the Little Wings Fairy University!

I wanted to make sure that Our Fairies are fully equipped with the extensive training it takes to become a highly sought after kids entertainer. It also makes our entertainers engaged and excited to learn.  Knowing that there are written assessments, quizzes and practical assessments that are needed to be completed to graduate at the end of the year. The course goes for a full year!

To complete fairy university, our entertainers must complete modules on different topics. Balloon twisting, magic, face painting, engaging and audience. Also, how to bring that magical fairy spark into every single party even though the circumstances might be trying.

The plan is, by our end of year Christmas party that all entertainers will have completed the modules. There will be a graduation ceremony with capes and glittery hats of course!

As you can see we take our jobs as entertainers very seriously. If we were hiring someone to entertain at our own kids parties, we would want to know that the entertainer cares enough about their job to want to complete a course. And that they have graduated to be the best that they can possibly be. All of our team are super excited to graduate from the Little Wings Fairy University. We can’t wait to share photos and videos at the completion!

Hiring a professional VS Super Woman Mum!

Not many people realise what comes with hiring a professional kids entertainer. Lot’s of mummies think “It looks like a piece of cake! Slap on some face paint, do a pass the parcel and whack a piñata- DONE!”.

But after one party of toughing it out on their own, they soon realise why there are professional entertainers.

Often Mums and Dad’s find it quite interesting to hear what a professional entertainer provides for your child’s party, and how they can make your life a lot easier as a party Mum or Dad.

Like most professionals, great kids entertainers are experts in their field. They have entertained at hundreds sometimes thousands of kids parties. They have been there, done that and they know how to handle almost all obstacles thrown at them at a kids party.

Here is what you are really paying for when you hire a professional kids entertainer:

1.  A wealth of knowledge and experience

2.  Public liability insurance which covers any incidents that may     occur at the party as a result of the entertainment

3.  The entertainer is full of energy and is a performer. They have had many years of performing experience (and they haven’t been up till 4am the morning before the party trying to make a princess cake!)

4.  They often come dressed as a character- this automatically means that they grab kids attention and imaginations from the get go, rather than Billy’s mum who’s dressed in casual mum clothes

5.  Games that have been tried and tested that the kids will love!

6.  Wide range of Face painting  designs to a professional standard, and FPA approved cosmetic grade hypoallergenic face paints

7.  Behaviour management. We all know what kids are like when they have had way too much sugar! A professional works with sugar-hyped kids every weekend. They have many tried techniques that they use to calm excited children so that you don’t have to be the angry Mum or Dad

8. Structured entertainment that works with your plan. The entertainer will always have a plan since they are there for a good time not a long time and the plan can be catered to suit your needs. They know roughly how long it takes to do each activity.

9.  Engagement. A professional knows how to engage their audience and can ensure that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show without having to pull your hair out!

10. Most of all, a professional entertainer knows how to provide an experience that your child will remember forever. They have that secret recipe that makes your child feel like the most special child in the universe on their birthday!

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